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 EXO - The Lost Planet concert

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"he is handsome right?"

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thank you teamb for making us keep waiting and believing

more days to go, but we will wait till your debut day comes

thank you all teamb fans for waiting patiently till now

our fandom got bigger and bigger as time passed

these all because of you, teamb and all amazing fans

thank you,

there’s no other word to describe how grateful i am for being here

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Bobby & Junhoe during FANTASTIC BABY

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Team B | © dispatch

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I don’t have a nice car or a house yet. I took a break from college. I don’t have a proper job and I’m working as a part-timer. I’m young, and don’t have anything. So when you went on a blind date with someone else, I couldn’t even tell you that I didn’t like it. But Team Leader, I like you. A fourteen year age gap? What’s wrong with that? I like the Byun Jin Sup’s songs that you like. You like girl group’s songs too. Don’t push me away just because I’m young. Even if you do, I’m not going anywhere now. Though I like you more now, you’ll come to like me a lot. I’m going to make it happen. You’ll… receive my heart, right?

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kpop boygroups beauty appreciation post

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